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Naxos Windsurfing - Naxos Activities

In Naxos Town there are plenty of activities to keep you busy and in shape. There are many gyms and a "5x5" football field (much smaller than normal) where mini championships are being organized.

Naxos Windsurf - Naxos Windsurfing

In the sea, the most famous and our favorite sport is wind surfing which has as an ally, the "meltemi", a strong (5 beaufort average) north wind which blows all summer during the day-time. In Naxos there are beaches for every level (amateur, advanced, professional) and preference (slalom, speed, wave). The beaches of "Amitis" and "Aliko" are great for wave. The best beaches for slalom and speed are "Saint Prokopios", "Santa Anna", "Mikri Vigla" and "Pyrgaki". In "Saint George ", "Saint Prokopios" and "Santa Anna" beaches there are well organized sports centers with  up-to-date equipment.

naxos windsurfing                   naxos windsurf


Naxos Sailing

Naxos is one of the best spots for sailing since it is located in the middle of the Cyclades complex of islands. If you are in an adventurous mood and you want to explore some of the smaller islands and see beautiful places that most people don't get the chance to see then you should try one of the one-day-cruises available.

naxos sail                   naxos sailing


Naxos Cycling - Horse Riding - Naxos by Bicycle or Horse

A network of many small dirt - roads which cover almost the whole island are the ideal spot for the cycling maniacs. The beach-road from "Santa Anna" to "Kastraki" is a very good choice. People looking for more adventure should follow the track from "Sangri" to "Agiasos". Mountainous parts of Naxos offer great ways for whoever want to reach their limits. The choice is yours.

naxos cycling                   naxos horse riding


Related Business in Naxos:

George Fragiskos Yacht Charter : George Fragiskos has been running his company since 1982. With more than twenty years experience in the bareboat/skippered yacht chartering business, George provides a professional service with a personal touch. He has entertained clients from all over the world, firstly on his thirty-foot cruiser "The Annabella" and then in more recent years "Annabella", a forty-five foot Beneteau cruiser/racer. George is keen to ensure that every cruise provides each client with a unique yet an amazing experience and lasting memories of Greece.


Flisvos Sport club : In 1994 we realized a dream and because of our passion for surfing, established the Sports Club. Since then it has been the goal of our team to offer all of our guests the best service and an unforgettable vacation. Over the years we have developed an extensive offer of sports to fulfill your needs, like windsurfing, catamaran sailing, mountain biking, kite surfing, beach volleyball, aerobic and more. This is made possible because of the beautiful island and the unique location of the Sports Club.

Contact info:


Naxos - Surf Club : Our beachfront center is located at the prime spot of the 1,2 km length Laguna next to Agios Georgios main beach of Naxos island. The surf center is right in front of the best launch site: steady wind, easy access to the wave venue and it works perfectly with any other wind direction than the prevailing north wind.

Contact info:
Tel : +30 2285029170
Fax : +30 2285029171
Winter tel : +30 6944363147


Mikri Vigla Watersports : Ours 10 years of experience make it possible for us to offer you an organization perfectly tuned to all your needs: beginner, intermediate, or advanced sailor. Alone, with friends or with your family, with Mikri Vigla Watersports, your windsurf holiday will live up to your highest expectations. Due to the cross onshore direction of the wind, the windsurfing conditions are safe within the bay; on the outside the swell forms perfect ramps.

Contact info:
Pascal Penanguer
Mikri Vigla Watersports
Mikri Vigla 84300
Naxos Island Greece


Naxos Horse Riding : We offer all around the year, horseback riding for beginners or advanced riders. Another way to explore the island is horseback ring on relaxed, well trained horses with full insurance and a friendly service. We are speaking Greek, German, French, English and a bit of Spanish.

Contact info:
Iris Neubauer
Tel: +30 2285024923
Mob: +30 6948809142

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