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Naxos Villages


naxos town

Approaching the island by boat, the visitor will see two small islands to the left and right of the harbor - one with the little church of Myrtidiotissa, and the other called Palatia which is linked to the chora. The imposing gate or "Portara" as it is known by the local people, rises in splendid isolation above the town, the last relic of the ancient marble temple dedicated to Apollo which the Naxian tyrant Ligdamis ordered to be built in the god's honor in the 6th century B.C. For two and a half centuries now it has stood looking out towards the sacred island of Delos. Archaeologists believe that the building of the temple was never completed because work on it had to stop when war broke out between Naxos and Samos, and thereafter it remained unfinished. Judging from the size of the vast "Portara" and the foundations which still survive today, it must have been a truly magnificent edifice.



Agios Arsenios naxos

An inland village, just 7 kms far from Chora with a magnificent view over Naxos Town and the southwest beaches of the island.

Built at the sides of two hills separated by a river, at a distance of 7Km from Naxos Town, having an excellent view of Agios Prokopis, the airport and the island of Paros.





Apiranthos naxos

At a distance of about 27 km from the town (Chora) is built among two total green valleys, Apiranthos, which is one of the most beautiful villages of Naxos and one of the few traditional cities of Cyclades at the same time.

Among the sightseeing are the Venetian Castle with its imposing site, the marble belfry of the church of Virgin Mary and the all round view from end towards the village with the windmills at the tops of the opposite hills.




Chalki naxos

A picturesque green village with tourist traffic, built in one of the most beautiful valleys of the island called "Tragea". Itís 17 kms far from Chora.

It used to be the old capital of the island. You will find many old upper class houses and towers.



Filoti naxos

Back on the main road, the traveler passes through
Damarionas and Halki, two villages where the local aristocracy
lived in fine Neoclassical houses.

Further east along this road lies Filoti, built in amphitheatrical fashion on the foothills of Mount Zas.

It is the biggest village of Naxos and the most densely populated of all.




Apollonas naxos

The old small settlement of Apollonas has undergone tourist developments in recent years. The kouros and the crystal-clear waters are the main attractions.







Koronos naxos

Koronos, on the eastern foothills of the Koronos mountain, is picturesque in its valley of well-watered vineyards. Its inhabitants have long been employed in the hard work of the emery mines, but at the same time they have always seized any opportunity for festivities.