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Naxos Products - Naxos Shops

Naxos Products

Here are some of the most famous products of Naxos Island:

Kitron : A sweet and soft alcohol drink (liqueurs) made of the leaves from a tree called citrus.

Graviera cheese : A very tasty kind of yellow cheese. You can find it in supermarkets or traditional local shops.

Potatoes : Naxos has a big production of potatoes. You can taste them in any restaurant.

Honey : Pure theme honey. Try it with yogurt.

Marble : Naxos mountains are full of marble so you can find nice and cheap marble to build your holiday house in Naxos.

Smirida : Also called "smirigli", hard black stones used to smoothen metal or wooden surfaces. You can find the smirida mines at the area called Moutsouna.

Naxos Shops

Koutelieris Markets : A chain of four supermarkets, three of them in Naxos town and the other in Agios Prokopios.

Promponas Local Products : Produces and sells kitron, honey, marmalades and  all the local products. Located at the port road.

Aqua Fun Water Park : A paradise for children in Naxos. Water Games, water slides, sun beds, loud music and cafe bar. Located in Stelida area, 4 km from Naxos town.

Georgakopoulos Marble Creations : They elaborate marble stones and give you pieces of art.

Pagonis Leather Center : Since 1940 in the leather market of Naxos, they are now specialists.

Stelios Jewels Shop : Hand made traditional and modern jewelries in gold and silver by Stelios. Naxos - Old Market.

Imagine DVD Club : Online booking of your favorite movie and instant delivery to your hotel room.

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